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  • 6 Disease Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

    Are you on medication that may affect sexual function? Many do. Prozac and similar SSRI antidepressants are known for their sexual side effects and many people do not get over them. Since the antidepressant effect is equivalent to a placebo, consider asking your doctor to titrate down the dose while you build up your fish oil, Vitamin D, magnesium, and trace mineral levels. Are you on statins or fibrate derivatives for your cholesterol? They can cause impotence. Viagra and similar drugs can cause headaches after sex, setting up aversion training. Indeed one of my patients had excruciating Viagra headaches and when I looked up his SSRI, statin and arthritis medication, all four drugs were clogging the same CYP40 liver detoxification pathway. His doctor dropped the arthritis medications and he used a reusable $7 silicone cock ring instead of the ($15-35) Viagra and the headaches stopped. The birth control pill can lower libido, interferes with pheromones and the ability to smell a good mate, plus it tends to cause yeast infections that will make sex painful. A barrier method may avoid these problems. Medications can cause direct sexual side effects, can clog the liver detoxification pathways where the building blocks of hormones are made or can make you feel so terrible that you are not in the mood for sex. Ask your pharmacist for a printout of the side effects of the medications, and see if nutrients, herbs, acupuncture, other physical medicine can substitute.

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